Emergency brake: Stop the shopping!

When I’m shopping, I try to find things that make me rave “Ohh my God, love it!!” and my heart beat a bit faster. But lately I might have settled for “Oh, this is nice! I like it” a couple times too often.

Which sounds enthusiastic enough. But nice? Like it? For the ideal wardrobe, no less than perfect is enough!

So this post is a reminder of how it’s done correctly, from me to me.

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15 things you can throw away today!

A helpful list of things you can throw away today to get you right into the decluttering spirit!

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Decluttering and organizing my wardrobe with the KonMari method

KonMari method,

A self-proclaimed wardrobe decluttering enthusiast tries the world-famous KonMari method. What lessons will she learn?

Marie Kondo‘s advice on clutter resonates with me: Practice gratitude towards everything in your life, including things. But if something fails to make you happy or constricts you, learn to let it go.

And yet, I never followed her instructions myself simply because I have always been a totally relentless declutterer anyway. I don’t hold onto stuff, I am not sentimental or nostalgic about clothes, and I cannot stand clutter to begin with.

But this week, I thought I’d give the KonMari method a try. Here’s how it worked out for me.

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The full guide to shopping smarter

Harajuku Cat Alley

The mindless shopping days are over. But how do you shop smarter? Try these tips.

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Less is more: what’s so great about a small wardrobe

Only five years ago, my wardrobe filled our entire guestroom from floor to ceiling. Now, it fits into a small corner of our bedroom. I have never been happier about it.

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Shop smarter and fix your spending

minimalist style fashion

What’s the ideal wardrobe?

For me, the ideal wardrobe is filled with only things I love, but also contains nothing superfluous or unnecessary. It’s entirely practical and fits my lifestyle, which means whatever setting, occasion or weather I encounter on a regular day, I can find exactly what I need in it.

To build the ideal wardrobe, I already noted that efficient decluttering is the very first step in the right direction, but shopping smarter is a vital part as well.

How to avoid unnecessary purchases? How to know in advance if a purchase is worth it? Apart from following your gut feeling when it comes to differentiating between just OK and things you really love, these questions may most easily be solved by thinking economically.

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Declutter your wardrobe – efficiently

Declutter wardrobe

Before there was lookbook.nu, there was a community site called My Style Diary, and all you did there was upload your daily outfits as what we would now consider shockingly low-quality pictures. One of my favorite members was a girl from Australia who wore nothing but absolutely beautiful Alice McCall, Lover the Label and other lust-worthy things seemingly every day. Fittingly, her profile motto read, “Fill your wardrobe with only things you love, and you can wear things you love every day.”

“Fill your wardrobe with only things you love, and you can wear things you love every day.”

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