Shopping in Seoul: My favorite shops and labels

seoul shopping

Shopping in Seoul is always fun and affordable. But I like it the most at the following destinations, check them out below.

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My Japanese beauty purchases from Tokyo

Japanese beauty,

Shopping in Japan can feel a little overwhelming at times. There is so much of everything, sometimes I don’t know where to start. So knowing this, of course I came equipped with a short, but well researched wish list.

Japan is paradise especially for those who love make up, want quality, innovative products and ingenious beauty tools. But since I do not wear make up any more, I focussed mostly on the best Japanese skin care available. Simple, non-irritating, alcohol-free formulations are important to me, and for make up, I prefer it easy and fuss-free.

These are the Japanese beauty products I purchased in Tokyo.

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Seoul food diary: Korean for insiders

Seoul is a fast-paced city. When we still lived there we once went on vacation for just a week, and when we returned more than three restaurants in our immediate vicinity had been exchanged for another. So imagine coming back after three years! We were certain many of our old hangouts would be gone. But they were not!

So for ten days, we were busy re-visiting back-in-the-day-favorites and discovering new places. And we managed to eat not a single thing twice, except samgyeobsal and galbi.

Here’s our entire Seoul food diary.

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A day in De Oude Pijp: breakfast, lunch and dinner in Amsterdam

2015-09 Amsterdam

Amsterdam possesses a charm quite like no other city, with those beautiful quaint houses, so much green, and those canals pervading the entire centre. But during our stay there just a few weeks ago we liked it in De Oude Pijp best of all.

Just south of the central canal rings and right next to the Museumsplein, the residential area is known for its high density of bars, cafés, restaurants and the odd coffee shop. M and I ended up spending half our time there, feasting and drinking and enjoying every last bit of it. Here are a few of my favorite spots.

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How to explore a city – even if it’s your own

view from plane

Yo, yo, yo, what’s up! Your travel expert and trip advisor V. speaking.

It’s 2015, the era of low-cost airlines and cheap flight tickets, which means you probably have a couple of city trips in the pipeline, and if you do not, you are working on it.

I started doing regular city trips way back when I was a student in 2005, always jetting off to near and faraway destinations. However, then and now, I’ve always been of the opinion that exploring another city by way of guided sightseeing tours through old buildings and monuments, such as the Colosseum in Rome, Schloss Neu-Schwanstein around Munich or up the Statue of Liberty in New York, wasn’t quite what I wanted out of a trip to another country. History is nice and all, but I’d rather explore what the life there is like now.

How do I do that?

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Beauty to go: two weeks’ worth of skin, body and hair care

travel skin care

I start this blog right off by leaving. For two weeks in Vietnam and Taiwan.

I take off well-prepared with a multitude of travel-sized bottles and containers that hold all the ingredients to my multi-step skin care routine and hair care regimen. Thermal spring water spray? Check. Glycolic acid peeling ? Check. Micellar cleanser, cleansing balm, deep cleansing foam and cleansing brush? Check.

Seems much?


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