The 5 most stylish K-pop MVs in 2015

Inspiration in form of colorful K-pop MVs. Here are five of my favorites.

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The 90ies inspired oddball style of Hyuk Oh

It’s no secret that I find a lot of my fashion inspiration in Korean pop culture and lately, I’ve been fascinated by this new band Hyukoh in particular. It’s not only that their music is good, but they’re also doing this thing where you can’t quite tell if it’s on purpose or not. But let’s start at the beginning.

Hyukoh is a band from South Korea that plays mellow indie pop rock with a hint of soul, and has basically skyrocketed to fame lately thanks to their goofy guest appearance on a show called Infinite Challenge

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Style lessons from Mauricio Nardi, menswear stylist

Mauricio Nardi

I was meaning to create a moodboard in preparation for spring. I might not have to any more, though, because I’m feeling the styling by Mauricio Nardi so much, it may just be enough to keep me inspired for months!

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