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Maria Bonita tacos

Your friendly Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood guide to Helmholtz-Kiez, #1: Maria Bonita

Welcome to Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin, home to hipsters grown and their families. Where the modern bourgeoisie has settled down in renovated old buildings with colorful facades outside and stucco along the ceilings inside. The streetscape looks kempt, orderly, with just the Berlin-typical graffitis for a counterbalance. The caf├ęs are small, cozy, specialized, the restaurants diverse and delicious. This is where we live, have always lived since moving here four years ago, and don’t plan to leave again for the time being. Our “Kiez” right now, or immediate neighborhood, is the Helmholtzkiez around Helmholtzplatz. By now I know it like the back of my hand. I walk its streets every single day, baby in tow, hot chocolate in hand. Trust in me to know what’s good here, and now every week I’ll take you to my favorite places. Enjoy! This week, we had Maria Bonita. It’s an old favorite of ours, and never, really never, disappoints! My standard order is the Quesadilla Carne Asada with beef and spicy avocado sauce (not pictured). It’s amazing quality …