How to cure extremely dry skin

I used to have severely dry skin, but especially parched, cracked, hurting hands. To make things worse, their condition was often exacerbated by frequent hand washing and then particularly strained further during the winter months. Fortunately, I finally found a wonderful solution to my extremely dry skin woes last year. And it’s really a solution, not just yet another product that’s somewhat better than other products. It is so effective I don’t even need any kinds of lotions, creams or moisturizers any longer at all!

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5 multi-tasking beauty products to get you through the summer

Summer equals heat! sun! sweating! – oh, what a time to be outside!

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of summer. I hate heat, sun and sweating… So to ease some of the more uncomfortable aspects of summer, you’ll find me constantly devising new summer survival tricks.


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All Lush product reviews masterpost

Reviews of all Lush products I’ve used, in alphabetical order. This post will be continually updated with new products and any additions to old reviews. Samples included.

Face: I have normal skin with few outbreaks, but a few flaky areas. My ideal skin care routine is centered around mild, non-comedogenic, irritant-free products!

Body: dry to very dry throughout the year, but extremely dry during winter. Without the right care, my hands are extremely dry and sensitive all year ’round, though, and my heels tend to crack.


Angels on Bare Skin face and body cleanser

BIG shampoo

Buffy body butter

Charity Pot hand and body lotion

Dragon’s Egg bath bomb

Elbow Grease body moisturizing bar

Figs and Leaves solid soap

Floating Island bath melt

Fun solid shampoo, bubble, soap and play dough bars

Intergalactic bath bomb

Love Lettuce fresh face mask (sample!)

Ocean Salt Self-preserving face and body scrub

Parsley Porridge solid soap

The Olive Branch shower gel

The Rough With The Smooth solid scrub

Rub Rub Rub shower scrub (sample!)

Silky Underwear dusting powder

Sultana of Soap solid soap

Sunrise solid soap

Twilight bath bomb

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How Lush kept me going when the going got tough

To think that it all started with a supposedly simple question: “What do you do when you are stressed or down and need a pick me up?”

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