The best Macarons in and from Berlin

If you think the best Macarons in the world can only be found in Paris, think again! I’ve tried the likes of Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, and others. But my personal favorites come from a super tiny little patisserie in and from Berlin, Lautz Patisserie.

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Chinese restaurants in Berlin: my favorites

Chinese restaurants in Berlin

Kantstraße in Charlottenburg is often said to be the “Chinatown” in Berlin. But really it’s just a street with unusually many Chinese restaurants. Here is where you will find the ever popular Good Friends, Aroma, Lon-Men’s Noodle House, and Selig. They are what people here like to call “authentic”. In my opinion, however, “authentic” does not always equal “best.”

Some of my personal favorites are not usually described “authentic” or “traditional.” But what counts is that they excite the taste buds. Without further ado, my five favorite Chinese restaurants in Berlin so far and more!

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Summer scents: Inscentives for summer – and beyond

Kiehl's Nashi Blossom, Pink Grapefruit, Eau de Toilette

Fragrances are magical, because it’s like they leave invisible imprints on our brains. One day you sniff a certain scent again and boom! Suddenly you recall vague, long-forgotten memories from the depths of your unconsciousness – it’s crazy!

So signature scents are a thing. People can and will remember you by how you smell, but you can actually take influence on that.

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