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Decluttering is easy, it’s ideal wardrobe building that is hard

I’m trying to build my ideal wardrobe. Yes, I have been trying for a while. It’s an on-going journey. On and on it goes… In my mind, what I want is clear: I want my wardrobe to consist of solely things I love! Clothes that are special and unique, that fit me, my style and my lifestyle perfectly, and that are comfortable as well as practical as well! The problem, however, is that besides those things I truly love, I’ve a bunch of super simple, super boring stuff in my wardrobe too. They’re neither in any way exciting nor do I particularly love them so. It’s just that, one way or the other, I need them. To turn an otherwise risqué look around, or simply make an outfit more practical… Just now, I decluttered my wardrobe a g a i n. Yes, I feel like saying this every other month. But this time, even items I was on the fence with landed in the bin, and my wardrobe now has shrunken considerably. Which is great! …

How to keep warm: Helpful things I’ve learned by dressing baby for winter

Knowing what I know now, it’s difficult to not love wool! For a long time, I was too preoccupied with style to care much about the practical aspects of what I wear. Nephritis? Come get me! Icy, cold winds? I’m one with nature in my much too light coat. But with baby, oh, with baby it’s a different matter! I invest more in the individual pieces of his wardrobe than even mine, and he wears more luxurious materials than either my husband or I together. I will actually stop to wonder if this will keep him warm or the rain off his back effectively. For me, I just awkwardly hold an umbrella over my head and hope for the best. But I’m starting to incorporate what I’ve learned about winter dressing for baby, into winter dressing myself. Wool Wool is an excellent winter material – no surprises here. But did you know why? It’s breathable, and importantly, wicks perspiration and moisture away from skin and onto the material’s surface, while keeping warm and toasty underneath …

Mango selection: White shirts + a navy one

Click on pictures for link! ↑ White oversized blouse with elbow cut-outs ↑ I like the shape of the sleeves, but it’s difficult to keep them looking this crisp and good after being stuffed inside your coat sleeves in the autumn/winter. Also, the cotton material would require ironing for looking its best, and I don’t really have time for that. ↑ 100% modal white frill accent blouse ↑ ↑ White eyelet blouse – also available and nice in black ↑ ↑ Simple white elongated silk shirt ↑ Not really an option for me personally, though. Too simple/boring. ↑ 100 % viscose navy/gold dotted blouse with balloon sleeves ↑ The last one is probably my favorite. Balloon sleeves, like the sculptural sleeves of option #1, can be tricky to take care of – and are occasionally difficult to stuff into coat sleeves at all! But not so with viscose. The material would also make this comfortable enough to wear when it’s hot(ter), too! My second choice would be the eyelet blouse. Very romantic, but versatile and easily combinable. Which is …

How to break in shoes – literally

With a hammer! Could have thought of that myself really, but still glad I made the trip to the cobbler anyway. My shoes now fit like a glove shoes should. Which means nicely and without painfully chafing my heels. Splendid! Next time I have a pair of painful shoes, I’ll make sure to cover them with a cloth and hammer away. Softens the parts that rub and are painful, and it’s easy, but works! And suddenly, a pair of shoes I rarely ever wore feel like new love!  

The 5 things I most rely on at the moment for easy style

It’s definitely more difficult now with the baby to stay stylish and dress well. It definitely feels more like an effort. My style at the moment certainly isn’t top of the game, but considering the circumstances it’d feel silly anyway. So I’d say that in between breastfeeding, changing diapers, carrying baby, desperately making up for lost sleep and somehow managing our household, I look decent. But more importantly, I feel good!