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Decluttering is easy, it’s ideal wardrobe building that is hard

I’m trying to build my ideal wardrobe. Yes, I have been trying for a while. It’s an on-going journey. On and on it goes…

In my mind, what I want is clear: I want my wardrobe to consist of solely things I love! Clothes that are special and unique, that fit me, my style and my lifestyle perfectly, and that are comfortable as well as practical as well!

The problem, however, is that besides those things I truly love, I’ve a bunch of super simple, super boring stuff in my wardrobe too. They’re neither in any way exciting nor do I particularly love them so. It’s just that, one way or the other, I need them. To turn an otherwise risqué look around, or simply make an outfit more practical…

Just now, I decluttered my wardrobe a g a i n. Yes, I feel like saying this every other month. But this time, even items I was on the fence with landed in the bin, and my wardrobe now has shrunken considerably. Which is great!

I’m just a little disheartened by the fact that having to declutter regularly is still necessary at all, but it’s OK. I was very, very close to my ideal wardrobe at one point, but then I got pregnant, and now I’m a mom… and I really would not have thought it, but it actually changed me in a way that I’ve been struggling to re-adjust my style for ever since. I’ve thrown out pieces today I had absolutely been sure I’d love forever, but once I’d given birth didn’t feel any more at all.

As I said, though, that’s fine. I’m further away from my ideal wardrobe again now, but I can just re-build it. Especially, I want to focus on natural fibers even more now. More linen, cotton and viscose, and absolutely no polyester, for summer, and for winter more merino and cashmere

Furthermore, I will not buy simple basics any longer. have enough for now, I don’t need any more. I do love and prefer it if new clothes go with a lot of what I already have in my wardrobe, but I’ve realized that even with the unusual stuff that’s perfectly possible.

I tried on vacation outfits the other day for planning, playing with a few of my more outrageous items, and was able to build a good handful of really nice looks with them which made me grow more confident. Hence in the future, I’ll stay bold, stay patient, and will absolutely not buy anything any more unless I’m absolutely convinced! I may have resolved that a couple of times in the past already, but I’m more determined now! Wish me luck!



  1. i totally agree – becoming a mum changed my style, figure, desire for comfort and practicality… everything! i don’t like my old uniforms but can’t seem to figure out what i want my new ones to be!


    • It’s an old “customized” ASOS White top. I say customized but I mean I hacked the sleeves off :)


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