Super confused -_-

I would have never thought, but… I don’t know how to dress myself! Any more.

Up until most recently, I’d been cocksure of my sense of style. I was confident I knew how I had to put things together, combine this with that, buy this not that… But these days, I’m not so certain.

Case in point: wide leg trousers. I put some on the other day, but only managed to look like a politician on her way to a plenary session. Strong! Professional! … Middle aged. I wasn’t feeling myself at all.

When we got home, I had to look up how others, like @majawyh, @dana.hourani or @marinathemoss, wear them. Well, now I got the idea. But boy!

And that wasn’t the only instance in which I’d drawn a blank either. In fact, it happens to me all the time now!

That tops are usually my wardrobe trouble area is nothing new. But these days I find even my coats and jackets awkward on me, and those I was once most infatuated by. I still like most of my bottoms. But I have nothing to wear with them. It’s disorienting!

I don’t know if this is temporary – I mean I got a perm about a week ago, and might be that’s what messes up my usual look. Hair really sets the overall tone after all! Or it’s the after-giving-birth-to-a-baby-thing I talked about last time. Not sure!

But whether it’s the first or the latter, really doesn’t matter! (It rhymes, see?) I have to work around my hair either way, as well as my new – hmm, what am I to call it? – style… identity? personality?? Whatever! It’s difficult right now, and I’ll have to figure it out!


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