The best Macarons in and from Berlin

If you think the best Macarons in the world can only be found in Paris, think again! I’ve tried the likes of Ladurée, Pierre Hermé, and others. But my personal favorites come from a super tiny little patisserie in and from Berlin, Lautz Patisserie.


I feel like it’s my duty to properly rep them on here because they’re the kind of franchise most likely to fall under the radar of most people. They’re absolutely un-stylish, un-hipster, and have not even much of an online presence with only like 5 reviews on Yelp. But if you’re truly into Macarons, small cakes and truffles, you should try them out! Their Macarons may not be the most Instagram-worthy, but man, they’re good!


Lautz Patisserie’s Macarons come in six different flavors that are all perfectly crisp on the outside while not overly wet or soft on the inside. And the taste! Man! The taste is fantastic! I’ve never tasted Macarons flavors so natural and close to what they are meant to represent: passion fruit, cassis, almond, salted caramel, chocolate, coffee! Even the perennially problematic chocolate flavor was made to taste full and convincing but not heavy and overwhelmingly rich while maintaining just the right consistency of shell as well as cream throughout. And their salted caramel is hands down the best, really, the best, I’ve ever tried! The shell is so surprisingly salty, but in a way that’s delicious and addictive. It’s only too bad they don’t offer more or more adventurous flavors, but at least they got the ones they do have right.

And where does one find them?


I found them at the weekly Saturday market around Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, selling their products out of a small mobile stall. At first, I wasn’t expecting much from their Macarons, so unsophisticatedly packaged in a clear plastic take-away box. But at €5,90 for 6 Macarons, or merely €1,10 per 1 Macaron, I thought, Oh well, why not? Once I tried them I wish I had pocketed a business card and a way to find them again too.


Not to worry, I made sure to get their details the next time I found them at the market. Which is also the only way to find them anyway.

Lacking a permanent location, Lautz Patisserie operates mostly as catering service and as small independent seller at the following markets on the weekend:


Bauernmarkt am Wittenbergplatz in Schöneberg

10 am to 6 pm

Fridays and Saturdays

Kollwitzplatz in Prenzlauer Berg

9 am to 4 pm


Karl-August Platz in Charlottenburg (Goethestraße)

8 am to 2 pm


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