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The 5 things I most rely on at the moment for easy style

It’s definitely more difficult now with the baby to stay stylish and dress well. It definitely feels more like an effort.

My style at the moment certainly isn’t top of the game, but considering the circumstances it’d feel silly anyway. So I’d say that in between breastfeeding, changing diapers, carrying baby, desperately making up for lost sleep and somehow managing our household, I look decent. But more importantly, I feel good!

I’ll be honest, though. I’m unhinged about shopping and even buying high end right now because life with baby is so stressful at times I feel like I deserve to indulge myself. (I also eat all the sweets and treats I want at the moment for the very same reason. #YOLO) No guilty conscience about that whatsoever, though, because I’ve had and still have to abstain from so many other things, like coffee, the occasional drink,… a social life,… uninterrupted sleep,…… a life,……… etc. Sadly, I rarely get to wear many of my newest and bestest buys for now, but I hope someday.

So right now, apart from my pajamas, these are my favorite things to get me through every day in comfortable style. I have a lot of fun wearing them, and I also genuinely love the way they look.


Clockwise, from top left:

#1: Just my top of T

My perfect T-shirt is black, 5 bucks, straight cut and XL from the men’s section. Namely, it’s the Uniqlo Men’s Packaged Dry Crew Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt.

What I love about this specific Uniqlo T-shirt is the most perfect slouch of the fabric. It’s thin, soft, and although it’s only 66% cotton and 34% polyester, it’s breathable and airy. Plus, for its price, it’s of the most solid quality!

M has several in various neutral colors, and I initially hacked off the sleeves of one of them just to wear at home in the summer. However, it just sits and drapes and falls so perfectly, I now use it for all sorts of looks all the time!

The genius of it is that its obvious simplicity makes its stylishness always appear perfectly accidental. Whether peeking out from underneath a sweater just so, or worn by itself, it looks effortlessly cool no matter how or with what I wear it. The non-committal fit, soft slouch, and complete unembellished-ness of it meanwhile always allows me to just shrug it off as, “Oh this? Just an old T-shirt I snatched off M’s.”

#2: It’s what underneath that counts

With boobs this small, I’m not into wearing bras at all. But if anything I’ll wear soft triangle bras and bustiers exclusively by Calvin Klein Underwear.

(When I’m not wearing soft nursing bras or tops, like at the moment, that is.)

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t know for sure whether Calvin Klein Underwear bras are the best. But they’re mighty comfortable and offer solid grip. By which I mean, they sit tightly around the rib cage and don’t ride up or move, all while feeling close to unnoticeable on the skin even in the heat of summer. So yeah, I think of that as mighty comfortable and am therefore very committed.

#3: Swipe right for color

It’s for a fact that without at least a little swipe of color I look decidedly… ashen. So before the hair cut, I filled in my brows. Now, I rely most heavily on my lips.

For the past year or so, I’ve tried dozens of tinted lip balms. Then last year, MAC came out with the Tendertalk Lip Balms, and those are now my favorites.

They’re decidedly un-creamy, which turns out to be a good thing because that way they apply amazingly even without any slippery, smudgy smearing. And yet, they’re moisturizing just enough, and, even better, also tint the lips a bit so the color doesn’t wear off immediately, but gradually and subtly over a decent stretch of time.

For colors, I own Pretty Me Up (coral), Candy Wrapped (light pink and my favorite) and Teddy Pink (bright pink), and all look surprisingly natural all things considering.

#4: Statement, please!

In terms of shopping, the past few months have been utterly divine, in my opinion! And I’ve been really shopping like MAD since baby’s birth. The results could also not be better! From tops to skirts, even shoes, I’ve collected some truly terrific statement pieces. All undeniably unique, yet still totally wearable from day to day. Definitely gave my wardrobe a much needed update, as after the pregnancy I was slightly taken aback by how massively boring it had been! Pictured above, for instance, one of my favorite skirts at the moment by Stylenanda.

#5: These boots shoes are made for walking – literally

Faced with cold and rain and maybe snow soon, but nevertheless committed to daily walks for the sake of baby, my regular shoes and boots were threatening to make my life miserable very fast beginning of autumn. However, the Reebok Sawcut 4.0 GTX are made specifically for running and walking, even through rain, thanks to a waterproof yet breathable GORE-TEX® XCR upper – so that’s why I gladly picked them on sale.

So far, I think these are probably the only things in my wardrobe I chose based entirely on functionality. Honestly, though, I also love them for being a little ugly and so middle-aged white man. They also totally clash with whatever I usually wear. However, that’s precisely what makes them so fun!

I’ve to admit, I did not like being pregnant so very much. Apart from the many discomforts it inevitably entailed, I could also barely wait to finally get my body back and wear normal, pretty things again. So I’m truly enjoying fashion at the moment, and I’m also really glad that there are so many fire things out there right now. That’s not always the case. It’s not all just basic and safe and there are more and more online shops that cater to people like me now – people into fashion but also cost-conscious. So I’m looking forward to more nice things I will definitely shop, and truly enjoy. Life is short! I used to hold myself back all the time, and of course I still do, because I still believe a small wardrobe is far more preferable over a giant heap of just stuff. But I’m not so strict about it anymore. I can still declutter and donate later, or archive or just collect clothes for fun, and I will!


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