My new year resolutions in 2017

2017 came so abruptly, I barely got a minute to breathe, let alone post anything on the blog any more. But this I want to put down in some form of writing: my new year resolutions!


Buy on demand

I have this super irrational and obnoxious habit of stockpiling beauty and self care products I like. Really, I get this massive, barely containable urge to hamster at least three of the same thing when it happens. And in spite of my genuine determination to quit it I already relapsed this year at Lush. (In my defense, they were limited edition items and 50% off…) But, yeah, it’s crazy how often I already had to fight that urge in just the few days since the new year started.



Last year, I learned things about myself I never knew, or never realized. One is that I’m actually pretty much of a control freak!

Apparently, I can’t stand not knowing how things will go down, and I need things to go down exactly my way and in my time – otherwise I get antsy. In this regard, I’m not only strict with my husband, but with myself too. For example, if I’m thinking the dishes need to be done, then the dishes need to be done, like, right now!

But in 2017, I want to practice patients patience, and do things one after the other. I want to do only the absolute necessary when it’s necessary in regards to our household – the dishes can wait. And I want to become more relaxed about the future, let M do things his way and be cool with it, and accept that things are exactly as they’re supposed to be.


Start a gratitude journal

This is a cheesy one, but I’ve been meaning to do something of the sort for a while. Especially now it’s so easy to get swept away by the negatives in life when there are just as many, nay!, far more positives every day.

Hashtag “blessed,” hashtag “lifeisgood.”

At the moment, I’m still looking for the right notebook with which to start. A minor detail, really, but I can get kind of obsessed once I determine something. Just one more thing I learned about myself lately.


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