Emergency brake: Stop the shopping!

When I’m shopping, I try to find things that make me rave “Ohh my God, love it!!” and my heart beat a bit faster. But lately I might have settled for “Oh, this is nice! I like it” a couple times too often.

Which sounds enthusiastic enough. But nice? Like it? For the ideal wardrobe, no less than perfect is enough!

So this post is a reminder of how it’s done correctly, from me to me.

First, back off!

So this is why you weaned yourself off shopping unless you actually need something. And also why you consider limiting yourself to clothing that cost no less than €150 – as per this article’s suggestion.

Cheap clothes are tempting!!!

But fret not, you know what you have to do. Get off the ASOS app on your smartphone and stop checking the New in section of H&M online! Maybe another shopping ban is in order also. Perhaps then you will be clearer on what your wardrobe “needs.”

Is it love?

But let’s deal with the last couple purchases you’ve made.

You’re not sure, but you kinda like them? Shut it down now!! Apparently you’re undecided whether you should keep them, have doubts. That’s basically the first flashing neon sign that tells you it’s not ideal wardrobe material!

Also, like? We’ve been through this!

Second flash sign is that you can barely think of truly fire looks with it. Only a few OK ones. So: no! Not unless it fits right in with the rest of your wardrobe.

Lastly, ask yourself: Can you really not do any better than this? Are you sure this is the best you can find? Because you know that buying various of basically the same thing is an absolute no-go for you, unless it’s some basic. From here on out, this is the last midi A-line skirt for you. You therefore better be sure this is it!

Besides, did you even need a denim skirt in the first place?! I didn’t think so.

Just do better next time

I know you’re in a hurry to finally find a winter jacket before the cold sets in for real. You also start to believe there’s no perfect one out there any more. But patience! That “Oh my god, I love this!” jacket will come at some point. And if it won’t, that’s OK, too. Maybe next winter. Or maybe not. But you pledged to never settle for anything less any longer, remember? And you can do it, I trust you!

What’s more, however, you’re in a rut. Your old, basic clothes bore you, but you can’t wear the chic and new ones either. For you that’s a bummer. But to console yourself by shopping mindlessly and collecting ever more fancy clothing you wish you could wear right now is far from the solution.

So plan your shopping better. Make a moodboard, get a general idea of how you want to dress, now, for the life you’re leading right at this moment. Think practical, but not too practical! Because at some point your current limitations will have fallen away and you can dress as quirkily as you want again.

Remind yourself of all the wonderful advantages of a small wardrobe: It’s easier and more enjoyable getting dressed, and you’ll always look impeccable, even in a hurry.

And keep your head up, it’s not too late yet!


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