My DIY brow stencil and other brow tips

So fun fact: Yesterday I freestyle DIYed my own make-shift brow stencil. And I’m pretty proud of it, because now I can recreate my ideal brow shape faster and also get it right every time.

DIY brow stencil

There’s a couple more helpful things I learned about plucking, shaping and filling in my brows over time. So here is a short list!

#1 Fill your brows in first before plucking

If you want to shape or re-shape your brows, fill them in exactly the way you’d like them first before you start plucking. You’ll have a nice outline of your ideal brows and so know exactly which hairs to pluck.

Here’s how I generally find my brow shape: By placing a pencil along the outer edge of my nose and pupil, I determine where the highest point of my brow arch goes. Then, by placing a pencil along the outer edge of my nose and outer edge of my eye I determine where the tail ends – like >>here

#2 Get small scissors

Anastasia Beverly Hills has scissors specifically made to groom your brows, but any really fine scissors will work, I think.

Brush your brows up, and cut off the small portions of hairs that peek out from your brow shape. Then also brush your brows down and repeat.

This makes a difference for me personally as with Asian hair there are bound to be a few long ones that stick whichever way they please, sometimes resulting in stray brow hairs messing up my shape – especially around the brow tail.

#3 Brush out your brows before you fill them in

This helps lay your brow hairs into shape, but also gets rid of any residues from moisturizer, SPF, make up or all of the above that will be trapped in your brow hairs prior to filling in.

#4 How I improvised my brow stencil

  1. Cut out a rectangular piece from a clear plastic package that contained drugstore hair ties
  2. Stuck the piece on top of my filled in brow with a small piece of masking tape
  3. Lacking anything more suitable I used an Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil to trace my brow shape on the plastic piece
  4. Cut out the shape with a paper scalpel

#5 But you can also buy them ready-made

You don’t actually have to DIY your own brow stencil. If you’re in the market for your own, you can also buy them ready-made. Again, Anastasia Beverly Hills has some. I just couldn’t find any shapes available that came close enough to how I personally like them – which is predominantly straight and really full.

Anyone have more tips on brows?


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