Upgrade your shower routine with my favorite products from Lush

Water just makes my already very dry skin even drier so I keep full-on showers to a minimum and don’t take baths. Of course, I wash, especially my hands, which therefore are so dry they occasionally crack, burn and hurt.

Sure I could moisturize. Only, it’s little fun! Especially with my hands things get tedious and unpractical fast.

But lately, I’ve been upgrading my shower routine. I was initially looking for something to make things more fun and feel-good, but also practical in a 2- or 3-in-1 kind of way. I found it at Lush.

Now, I never not liked Lush. I’ve always liked the concept, the products, and although some find it obnoxious I love the fragrance of their shops and products. But recently I might just have evolved into a real fan!

Here currently my favorite Lush body, hair and shower care products, and all the ways they changed my life!

Lush Rainbow Fun solid soap bar

Lush Rainbow Fun
Lush Rainbow Fun

Lush has these really fun solid shower soap bars which can be used in four ways: as soap bar, shampoo, bubble bath, hand wash detergent or laundry detergent add-on, and – last but not least – play dough! But since unfortunately I don’t have a bath tub at home, I’ve used Rainbow only in three ways.

The Lush Fun bars come in various versions. Mine is called Rainbow and consists of seven separable soap bar discs which you can also purchase as singles online. Each is a different color and fragrance.

As a soap, each does its job as you’d suppose it would and I personally find lathering up in the shower with a solid soap a more gratifying experience than with a liquid gel – although I’ve lately also purchased a Lush shower gel.

As a laundry detergent add-on, so to speak, half a disk of Fun makes the laundry smell so nice and fresh, I love it!

And as a shampoo, Rainbow even exceeds all expectations!

First, I was surprised at how well Rainbow lathers up! And second, I would have thought it would leave my hair tangled, messy and matte once it’s dry. But, no, it didn’t! On the contrary, it leaves my hair more glossy than when I wash it with my usual shampoo, although not necessarily softer. Which is fine by me since this gives my hair added grip which in turn gives it visibly more volume. What’s more, I’d been having a bit of dandruff lately, or something that at least looks like dandruff. With Rainbow, however, I’ve not been seeing any of that any longer! Wut?! Plus, my hair doesn’t seem to get oily for days on end!! And I love the smell so much I actually keep one of the disks next to bed currently just to catch a whiff every now and then.

I suspect the fact that Rainbow doesn’t contain silicones is what makes all the difference. That way, it strips the hair from accumulated residues, making it lighter, glossier, and more receptive of really nourishing ingredients. Anyway, I totally dig what it does!

A short word of warning: The Fun soap bars color the water but they don’t stain, so don’t worry! Once it’s rinsed away, none of the colors remain on your skin, bath tub or shower.

Lush Buffy body butter bar

Lush Buffy body butter
Lush Rainbow Fun

Buffy is a body peeling. Which is great, because who doesn’t adore soft but abhors scaly skin? Well, definitely I! But Buffy’s also a body butter. Which means that once the ground rice, almonds and azuki beans, are rinsed off, you’re left with sumptuous cocoa and shea butter on your skin. Massage it in at the end of your shower and Buffy will render moisturizing afterwards completely unnecessary, and that is the super greatest!

One area where the body butter bar is particularly helpful, for instance, is my occasionally dry, callused feet. The peeling particles and oils mean I can buff and moisturize the rough patches both at the same time while still under the shower. I already know from experience that especially moisturizing reduces callused skin reliably, and so it definitely is with Buffy!

My skin is always delightfully soft and well nourished after each shower, and this will easily last until the next – at least now that it’s spring, I don’t know about winter. Mainly, however, I’m super in tune with moisturizing while still under the shower and happy I don’t need to bother afterwards anymore.

Another short word of warning: If your skin is sensitive to harsh peelings, you might want to tread with caution. When I rubbed Buffy all over M’s skin for the first time and asked how it felt, he described the sensation “as if you’re rubbing a cobblestone all along my back. But nice.” Well, it’s not that bad, just don’t overdo it and apply with too much pressure.

Lush Figs and Leaves and Parsley Porridge soap bars

To address the issue of my dry hands, especially after washing them, I figured Lush’s soap bars were worth a try. I specifically picked two with predominantly nourishing oils, but without Sodium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which are very drying for the skin. I picked Figs and Leaves and Parsley Porridge.

I use the antibacterial Parsley Porridge downstairs in the kitchen and Figs and Leaves upstairs in our bathroom where its strong, delicious scent turns the small room into a real feel-good haven – love!

Both soaps don’t lather up greatly, but more often than not dissolve into a creamy milk. The fragrances in both bars are strong and will linger! But more importantly, my hands feel clean after washing, yet not dry or cracked.

No, my skin still won’t come out fully nourished and plump, although that would be even more awesome. But my hands also don’t feel tight, rough and stressed but instead smooth and relaxed. And that, really, is a tremendous, valuable improvement in my everyday as ultra dry hands have always been such a huge issue for me! Now I can still wash them as often as I do but feel completely at ease about my skin.

To be cont’d!

How I picked each product

At first, I had also been interested in Lush’s solid hair conditioner bars. However, I eventually skipped those because they all contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a proven skin irritant and aggressive surfactant and foaming agent.

I am mostly OK with Sodium Laureth Sulfate, which is milder and also difficult to avoid in most cleansing care products anyway. I don’t mind it in my shampoo, for example, and sure enough, Lush Rainbow Fun contains some.

But I personally don’t use products with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, and unfortunately Lush works with the ingredient a lot. You can find it in their shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, soaps, etc. But Lush also has some stuff without, and among those I picked.

Rainbow Fun, I picked because I like multi-function products and because it smells soo nice. And Buffy was a no-brainer, really. I immediately fell in love with the idea of a solid under-shower moisturizer, and it’s a peeling, too?! Sold! As for the soaps, I picked among a few like Sultana of Soaps, Miranda and Sunrise. But I wanted oils to come first, and water and glycerin after in the INCIs list. And then eventually, I also went with my nose, which I think is important because the fragrances in the soaps are so strong.

For the face, I am mostly concerned about essential oils and fragrances. They’re fine for hair and body, but I am afraid of irritations when applied to the face. Also, a lot of oils could be comedogenic, which means they could clog pores. For someone whose skin is prone to this, that’s something to consider and research more thoroughly.

What are your personal Lush favorites? Please share with me in the comments!



2 thoughts on “Upgrade your shower routine with my favorite products from Lush”

  1. The facial products Aqua Marina Cleanser, Herbalism Cleanser, Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser, Grease Lightning Spot Treatment, Don’t Look At Me Face Mask, Cup O’ Coffee Face Mask and all of the Toners, Toner Tabs and Steamer Tabs are all completely non-comedogenic (in terms of oils/butters at least!) All the rest contain one comedogenic oil/butter or another.

    – Storm


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