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15 things you can throw away today!

A helpful list of things you can throw away today to get you right into the decluttering spirit!


You don’t need to radically declutter your wardrobe or apartment right away. You can also start out small. Here a few suggestions what you can confidently throw away today without even the tiniest risk of decluttering regret.

  1. Single socks! We don’t know where the other went and why. But one thing is for sure, they’ll never come back again.
  2. Your old, ragged T-shirts! You know which ones. Those you only wear to sleep, or keep just in case you are asked to help move houses, ex-boyfriend heirlooms, those which fibers supposedly hold old, fond memories of yours or have a “funny” and ironic print on the front, etc. etc.
  3. That eye shadow palette you never use!
  4. Itchy knitwear! They won’t become any more cozy than they are not right now. Instead, get yourself a few of Uniqlo’s 100% cashmere knits which are divine yet inexpensive.
  5. Any clothes with holes or lost buttons you have been meaning to mend for years, but then never did and probably never will!
  6. Speaking of which: Spare buttons!
  7. Old magazines! You have been meaning to look them through again some time, but as expected you never did.
  8. Bottoms too tight! Those you need at least a few tries to pull up and close, and especially those that torture your stomach when you sit relaxed. Let new bottoms be the reward for your successful diet in the future!
  9. Clothes stored away in your basement or attic! Sure, you put them there temporarily, but I can see the future: You will forget about them completely and never touch them again. So might as well chuck those boxes now.
  10. Everything you only keep because it was expensive!
  11. Your jar-packaged high-end moisturizer you have not been using since yesteryear! My guess is it’s not safe for use any longer anyway.
  12. The heels you had yet to find the right occasion to wear to! Unfortunately, they are really uncomfortable as well.
  13. Your dusty collection of Asian sheet masks!
  14. The silver H&M necklaces and rings that have turned green!
  15. Anything with their elastic waistbands worn out! Definitely includes old panties and sweatpants.

When you are done, reward yourself with a trip to Uniqlo for inexpensive quality basics, a detour to the specialty magazine store or with a serum!

Got any more ideas on what to throw away immediately? Write in the comments!


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