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Shopping in Seoul: My favorite shops and labels

Shopping in Seoul is always fun and affordable. But I like it the most at the following destinations, check them out below.

Shopping in Seoul never gets old. I always enjoy it tremendously. But I was also a little disappointed about the disappearance of Dooche! in the B1F of Doota! And Åland may have expanded significantly the past few years, but how many iterations of the same kind of jersey sweater and bomber jacket does a person need?

Fortunately, new shops which have sprung up while we were away sufficiently made up for the loss.

Low Classic

low classic

Wearing: My favorite coat to date by Low Classic.

Low Classic has always been one of my favorite Korean brands ever since I visited Seoul for the first time. So naturally, checking in on it was an obligatory must-do on my list.

Only three years back, Low Classic was available only in department stores such as Doota! or select Ålands. Now, however, they have two stand-alone stores in Apgujeong and Hapjeong too.

I was at Low Classic’s Hapjeong branch and copped my favorite coat to date while there. It’s the most beautiful, modern, sleek design, and of perfect quality! I still get weak in the knees whenever I wear, look at or think of it. I love it so much!

So clearly, whether then or now, Low Classic is still one of my favorite labels/shops in Seoul.

Apgujeong store
서울특별시 강남구 신사동 554 로우클래식
Seoul Kangnam-gu Sinsa-dong 554

Hapjeong store
서울특별시 마포구 합정동 413-4
Seoul Mapo-gu Hapjeong-dong 413-4



Love at first sight: from Mocoloco in Myeongdong.

Myeongdong is still one of the best areas for shopping in Seoul in my opinion. Here’s where I got the Scinic Aqua All in One Ampoule at Boons Apothecary or the sneakers in this post.

In Myeongdong you will find almost every single Korean skin care and make up brand you could think of, the Western high street, Korean chains and indie labels. For example, there are two huge Åland branches, one of them for men only, American Apparel and Beanpole. Also worth checking out are the top floor of the NoonSquare mall as well as the Boy+ Myeongdong branch. But my most favorite shop in Myeongdong during the trip was definitely Mocoloco.

The store must have opened right after we left the city. But I’m happy it’s there now, because their mix of edgy punk and cotton candy cute sucked me right in. How?

For example, I would never before have thought I’d ever fall in love with a candy pink cardigan with neon pompons along its sleeves, but I did! And it was love at first sight, too.

I just hope that Mocoloco will be still around when I come back to Seoul again.

서울특별시 중구 명동4길25, 포라리스빌딩 1F
Seoul Jung-gu Myeongdong 4-gil 25, Polaris Building 1F

Gentle Monster

gentle monster

Sunglasses by Gentle Monster.

You know, I never go shopping without a list. And I really, really try to stick to it no matter what. But Gentle Monster was a serious, hard to resist temptation. I would have almost sunk €200+ on at least one pair of their sunglasses before I could finally stop myself. That’s how cool and exquisite their designs are!

Their stores too are unique and masterfully decorated, and show the brand’s emphasis on consistent aesthetics. They are worth checking out even if you are not interested in buying glasses. But next time I come across Gentle Monster, I might as well buy some anyway. I honestly think their designs are actually worth just having.

List of stores and stockists

Galleria West

korean fashion

Wearing: White Steve J & Yoni P top. See whole outfit on the blog!

When I was still a Korean language student in Seoul, I mostly shopped around Ewha Women’s University or Hongdae. But on this trip, I admittedly wanted to go a little upscale. I therefore skipped the budget shopping areas altogether, and headed for Galleria West in Apgujeong instead.

(I keep hearing Apgujeong and Sinsa-dong are over?)

Galleria West is your typical luxury department store. It houses a droolworthy gourmet section in the basement. (Check out Brooklyn the Burger Joint, although unfortunately they don’t serve their signature milkshakes here.) The big luxury fashion and beauty brands such as Clé de Peau, SK-II, Gucci and Prada on the ground floor. And then finally it gets really interesting, as it also stocks some young and more affordable designers on the upper floors. Jacquemus, for example, or the locals: PushBUTTON, Steve J & Yoni P, Lucky Chouette and of course Low Classic, etc. It’s definitely a good place for browsing and finally see and feel many of the designs I could only check out online before.

서울특별시 강남구 압구정로343
Seoul Gangnam-gu Apgujeong-ro 343

Boy+ by Supermarket

korean fashion

Pictures from instagram.

I mentioned above that Boy+ has a branch in Myeongdong. But their flagship store is in Apgujeong on the Rodeo Drive. The peculiar exterior of the shop is really hard to miss, so look out for the massive black dots on white.

Boy+ by Supermarket stocks predominantly independent Korean designers including men’s clothing. The stuff is quirky and fun. I especially loved the accessories in store, but in the end got a leather jacket.

I also read that a lot of K-pop celebs go shopping here such as Key from SHINee or HyunA? And at least on one occasion they filmed an episode of ‘We got married’ here.

For more “select shops” or multi-brand shops worth browsing through in close vicinity: MIK 24/7, Daily Project or Rare Market owned by G-Dragon’s sister are just a few examples.

서울특별시 강남구 신사동 663-13
Seoul Gangnam-gu Sinsa-dong 663-13

Honorable mentions

Did you know that the highest building on the entire Korean peninsula currently still stands in North Korea? This, however, will soon change as Lotte in South Korea is currently constructing the Lotte World Tower in Jamsil. Its completion is to be expected at the end of 2016. The Lotte World Mall, on the other hand, has already opened its doors.

We found out about the huge new shopping complex purely by accident when we were dropped off at the Jamsil station. And I personally really like malls because I am lazy and I like one-stop-destinations where I can get as much shopping done as possible. For example, Lotte World Mall so far houses I think the first branch of COS in South Korea, a big Bandis & Lunis as well as a tiny Cres E. Dim shop. It’s not the best selection of shops I’ve ever seen, but still worth checking out.

Likewise, Garosugil is a nice area to hang out at, although admittedly I don’t really go there for shopping. More like for the food and cafés.

By the way, if you are into shopping all of the most interesting Korean labels online and live in either South Korea or North America, lucky you!  wconcept is the top destination for anything from Ader Error to Paul & Alice, and they have a US website, too.

Where do you like shopping in Seoul the most? Share in the comments below!


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