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Hair inspiration: Maison Margiela Pre-Fall 2016

A great way to make disheveled and careless look intentional and Rock’n’Roll.

Frankly, I’m not a very talented hair stylist. I know how to wash, how to brush, how to tie it up into a pony tail or a pathetic bun alright. But beyond that, I am absolutely useless at like, doing stuff with my hair.

Which is not a problem. I don’t mind looking a bit disheveled, and that’s a look I’m involuntarily pretty good at. And the odds that people think I might indeed look like that on purpose are still 50/50.

And yet, sometimes I wish I had a few more things in petto that I could do with my hair. You know, other than covering it with a hat.

maison margiela, hair styles,

Maison Margiela Pre-Fall 2016 hair styles.

Here is where the Maison Margiela Pre-Fall 2016 looks recently posted online come in handy.

The collection reminds me a bit of a more embellished, edgy version of Theory: chic office work wear, but with a twist. But I am mostly pre-occupied with the hair!

Which other designer in recent times used rows of visible bobby pins on their models’ hair? Zac Posen!

For his F/W 2014 Ready to wear show, his hair stylists emulated a glamorous old Hollywood look, but with prominent bobby pins for accent. The overall impression was elegant and feminine.

Here, on the other hand, the general dishevelment, the seemingly careless gathering of the hair, and the very much same bobby pins contrasting with the light blonde hair evoke an image more modern and rebellious.

I think these hair styles are a great inspiration for anyone who’s not great at styling hair like me, but can handle at least bobby pins. Who doesn’t mind looking a bit careless, and who still has some blonde in their hair left to bring out the black of the bobby pins. Although I think light colored bobby pins on black hair would make a great picture, too!

What do you think? Would you give this style a try?

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