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Trending now: Frills, frills, frills

I like to think my style is edgy and cool. Not sexy, not elegant, and definitely not girly, cute or… frilly. Then again I also like to think of myself as full of surprises.

frills, ruffles,

Clockwise from top left: Steve J & Yoni P top, MSGM sweatshirt, Merry Jenny knit turtleneck, Fleamadonna longsleeve and Nicopanda mini skirt.

At least M was surprised by my sudden obsession with frills. But it has really not been that sudden, although of course he cannot know. Already at the beginning of the year, when I discussed the J Brand/Simone Rocha collab with a friend, I had a mental bookmark on frills: “Will get to it again later.” I also think the ruffles and frills do my wardrobe good.

I named this blog Basics and Neutrals because that’s what I wear mostly, basics and neutrals. That, however, gets boring quickly. So once I knew we would be visiting Seoul and Tokyo I took that as the perfect opportunity to shop for a little more exciting stuff. Hence the frills, but also the fringes, the pink pompons . . . You’ll see later!

How do you like frills? Would you wear them? Give your two cents in the comments!

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