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Trending now: frayed jeans hems

I am not much of a DIYer. This, however, I know how to do: cut things with scissors. You could say I am very scissors happy, ha, ha!

DIYs are not my thing. Mix raw eggs with avocados and put that on my head? No thanks. I already consider myself crafty just lazily swinging scissors at my clothes.

I have so far reworked (and ruined) many of M’s T-shirts by cutting off the sleeves, and I also often use scissors on my own clothes. Mainly to shorten things. Like jersey dresses, knit sweaters, cotton tops and jeans… Afterwards I never bother with sewing the edges, though. Because I actually like it frazzled, disheveled, messy. And besides, I would not know how anyway. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So I was elated to see this particular trend spread lately: frayed cut off denim hems.

frayed hem jeans

Frayed hem denim: pictures via tumblr.

Cut off denim is not new. On the contrary. Who has not owned a pair of cut off denim shorts at one point in their life? But the asymmetry, the unevenness is something fresh. And I absolutely love it.

I was shocked lately when a friend of mine said she does not like asymmetry. Shocked, I tell you! She was already the second person to tell me so. Until then I had always assumed everybody is on board with it just as much as I am. Which is to say very! A third friend finally confirmed that I am pretty much alone in this. What’s more, she called asymmetry a “trend.” OMG. I live in asymmetry! Guess I am so removed from German fashion reality, I do not even notice any more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ x 2.


I have these mom denims (= high waist, loose carrot cut) I am not really wearing. Got them for like €14. And I think I will give them the scissor treatment soon. I just cannot decide in what manner. For the time being, I let above collage inspire me and think about it. What do you make of this trend?

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