Wearing: small to medium sized earrings

gold earrings
Earrings by ASOS.

Inspired by the K-Drama Birth of a Beauty, I’m attempting to pull off small to medium sized earrings lately.

Since I got my earlobes pierced at the ripe age of 17, I skipped the studs and pearl earrings right away, and all throughout the last years of high school wore nothing but colorful, big a** chandeliers, hoops and feathers dangling from my ears. I was always of the opinion that when it comes to fashion jewelry, the bigger the better. After all, what’s the point in wearing any if they don’t catch your eye? I’m not one for subtlety in terms of accessorizing.

Now, it’s been a few years since I’ve worn any earrings at all, and the very first time I wear any that are this small. It’s a whole world different to what I’m used to!

This is what I’ve noticed about smaller earrings: The smaller, the more lady-like the vibe.

Small earrings can be lovely. But I find that to cater to their effect, a tomboy-ish slob style will not do. Instead of complementing an outfit flexibly – like sneakers or sunglasses would – earrings actually call for the outfit to match them. Even if I wore tiny skulls, knives or dollar bills as studs, the daintiness of them immediately screams girly! feminine! and in my opinion demand an outfit of the same nature.

Then again, it was exactly this feminine touch that attracted me to the idea of smaller sized earrings.

Step by step, I’m starting to understand the charms of subtlety and minimal accessorizing, however. Who knows, maybe this summer I’ll master the art of understated chic that so far eluded me. I would like to stock up on fine, delicate rings next in any case. For now, it’s all in the details!


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