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Clearer, glowing skin with Liquid Gold


Dull, lackluster complexion? The reason could be a layer of dead skin cells, residue and other debris on top of your skin’s surface right now. A bit gross, right? That’s why exfoliation is so important. Sloughs off dead skin cells, old dust and dirt as well as sebum, oils and product build-up. This leaves the skin not only glowing again, but clearer and younger looking.

While there are a lot of different ways to exfoliate your skin, today let’s talk my personal star product, Liquid Gold by Alpha-H!

You might have read me mention it a couple of times before, like here. It’s a staple product of mine, and I’ve been using it for over two, three years now. Normally, I use it two times a week. But lately, I have been using it every evening. A timeline of what happened next.

The problem

The most consistent skin issue I have isn’t actually acne. It’s clogged pores.

Even on my best and clearest skin days, the texture of my skin is uneven due to small flesh-colored bumps, indicating pore blockage underneath the surface.

Our pores are part of our hair follicles, and produce sebum to keep our skin supple and well moisturized from the inside. However, sometimes, sebum production can go through the roof due to either external or internal reasons, such as the consumption of dairy for example. When that happens, our sebum cannot flow out from our pores fast enough, partly because the exit could be blocked by dead skin cells, dirt or product residue. So with no way out, the sebum hardens, forms a small plug and clogs the pores. The results are either tiny flesh-colored bumps as described above, or worse an acne breakout as the sebum plug attracts mean acne bacteria!

[Read more about how spots are formed!]

To control sebum production is difficult, because it has to do with our hormonal balance. What we can try is keep our skin clear, though. This way, we can make it easier for the sebum to exit the pores.

The solution

If clear skin and pores are your goal, double-cleansing is already an excellent step into the right direction. However, we need something stronger occasionally, which brings us to regular exfoliation. There are many ways to exfoliate, but my weapon of choice this time is Alpha-H Liquid Gold.

I resorted to Liquid Gold because my skin has always come out more radiant and clearer whenever I’ve used it. It contains 5 % cosmetic grade glycolic acid – a kind of alpha hydroxy acid exfoliant, or AHA – and has a pH-level of 2.5 to 3.

When it comes to application, AHA is super easy to use. Just soak a cotton pad with the liquid and wipe your face with it after cleansing. AHA “helps to bind water to the skin to increase skin hydration,” so additional moisturizer is unnecessary. If you do want to layer skin care afterwards, that’s fine too, though.

Personally, I apply Liquid Gold in the evening and that’s it.

The results

After one night with Liquid Gold, I wake up with my skin well-hydrated and glowing. Exactly as hoped, the AHA in Liquid Gold duly eats away dead skin cells, product residues and other debris from the surface of my skin.

After one or two weeks of using Liquid Gold every evening, even my cosmetician notices that my skin is softer, it’s clearer, and the tiny flesh-colored bumps that indicate pore blockage have almost disappeared! My skin texture is evened out, and the “black heads” on my nose are loosened up and now easier to remove.

In short: using Alpha-H’s Liquid Gold every night has been a great success!

Notes on AHAs

If you are now interested in trying AHAs, please note the following:

AHAs can cause irritation of the skin. Start using it once a week first, then increase the frequency only slowly to see how your skin reacts. A slight tingling may occur, but that’s normal. A burning sensation or redness are not.

When choosing an AHA product, its pH-level is essential! Anything from 2.5 to 4 is ideal.

Also note that AHA increases photosensitivity. So if sunscreen hasn’t been part of your daily day routine before, it should be after using AHAs.


There is conflicting information and opinions on the long-term consequences of using AHA daily. Some say it’s bad, some say it’s OK. But as usual, there is little reliable scientific evidence for either side.

After having used Liquid Gold every evening for a while, I might decrease the frequency to two to three times a week again just to be on the safer side, though, and increase again as required. The point is in staying observant regarding how my skin takes it, I think.

For now, however, I’m very happy with Liquid Gold – as always! So far, I find AHA to be one of the very few ingredients that actually work, and visibly so.

What other ingredients have you found really work? Is AHA among them?



  1. RavishingRoses says

    well now I want to try this. Love your blog would be great if you could check my latest post out too xxx


    • V. says

      You should! Although of course with due initial caution as pointed out in the post. But if it works, it really works!


  2. berit says

    For everyone wanting to try this, Paula’s Choice offers trials of their products for a few Euros only which include an AHA and BHA peeling!

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