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Style lessons from Mauricio Nardi, menswear stylist

I was meaning to create a moodboard in preparation for spring. I might not have to any more, though, because I’m feeling the styling by Mauricio Nardi so much, it may just be enough to keep me inspired for months!

Admittedly, not many of these styles are particularly spring or summer appropriate. But it’s the ideas behind them that count:

  • Layering! Keeps up the tension, and gives the eye something to feast on. I’m particularly into layering two jackets on top of each other, like a blazer under a bomber jacket, or a leather jacket under a trench.
  • Mixing in a good dash of sportswear into an outfit.
  • Either in large or small doses, adding and mismatching patterns such as camouflage, plaid, or stripes, bring life into a look.

I can only recommend you to check out Mauricio Nardi’s tumblr for more, similarly fantastic stylings he’s done.

And yes, you noticed, right? He mainly does men’s fashion, but in such a beautiful manner, if a girl wore his styles I’d want to be that girl.

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