Declutter your wardrobe – efficiently

Declutter wardrobe

Before there was, there was a community site called My Style Diary, and all you did there was upload your daily outfits as what we would now consider shockingly low-quality pictures. One of my favorite members was a girl from Australia who wore nothing but absolutely beautiful Alice McCall, Lover the Label and other lust-worthy things seemingly every day. Fittingly, her profile motto read, “Fill your wardrobe with only things you love, and you can wear things you love every day.”

“Fill your wardrobe with only things you love, and you can wear things you love every day.”

Her attitude towards wardrobe building really struck a cord with me, and has influenced my idea of the ideal wardrobe significantly. Until this day, I like to repeat that the ideal wardrobe does not have to be big. Even better if it is small. But most importantly your ideal wardrobe should be filled with only things that you love. Because chances are that those are also the things you feel the most comfortable, confident and beautiful in.

So how to build the ideal wardrobe? Assuming you don’t start from practically zero, in most cases wardrobe building starts first and foremost with radical decluttering!

“Does it spark joy?”

There are a number of tips regarding decluttering out there, but none of them are as efficient and sensible as the KonMarie method.

Using the KonMarie method, you only have one of two choices: keep or discard. As to how to determine what to keep or discard, you take each item into your hand, ask yourself, “Does it spark joy?” then you discard everything that does not “spark joy.” That’s it. No guideline as to what to consider when answering that question. No “if this, then that” cop-outs. Just your own subjective judgment and the dust bin.

I strongly recommend the KonMarie method because it’s easier to ask only one basic question instead of several, such as “does it still fit?” or “have I worn this within the last year?”, and so on and so on. Too many questions can be overwhelming, and when you have to do it with a huge number of your clothes, it’s time consuming too. You can still decide what to do with your old clothes you decided to throw away later, but what’s important is determining that they don’t have a place in your ideal wardrobe any more. It’s either love or let go.

Freeing your wardrobe from clutter is really just the first step.

Freeing your wardrobe from clutter and things that “don’t spark joy” is really just the first vital step to building your ideal wardrobe. But don’t forget that another huge part of ideal wardrobe building is also shopping smarter.

What’s the hardest part of decluttering for you and how does the KonMarie method work out for you? Share, share, share in the comments, we’re all curious!


4 thoughts on “Declutter your wardrobe – efficiently”

  1. Congratulations to the successful decluttering. But what do you do with the things you decided you don’t need anymore? Sometimes I declutter my wardrobe and there are clothes among them that are totally fine and problably quite new. I cannot really throw them in the trash, right? And Kleiderkreisel or similar is super exhausting and takes too much time. Instead, I have a huge box with things I don’t need anymore. Aarrgh. I don’t know what to do. Any tips?


    1. Hey chau,
      I usually donate them to the Red Cross. Not because I have a charitable heart, but because I find this way the quickest.
      Sometimes, I also invite friends over and let them go through the pile and pick whatever they want without taking anything in return. But you can also charge them a little if you want to. Whatever’s left goes into the donation bin.
      One more thing I’ll try this week is selling my clothes to a second hand shop. Like you, lots of what I declutter is still in great condition, so it feels wasteful just to give away. Can’t say I expect much in return, though.


  2. Try! An online service that buys designer/brand clothing in very good condition. Actually it is not much money that you get, but at least you will get rid of it for sure. My last package was around 110€ for 12 pieces (clothing and shoes). My next package is in progress! ;)


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