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Sporty without the sport: conspicuous consumption and sweatpants

When I started working from home, I decided size XL men’s Ts and sweatpants were now my thing, and that I would make the slob style popular more widely. But as it so happened, the current ‘Athleisure’ trend already did the job for me: my pajama style is now officially acceptable to go groceries, dinner dates, or even nights out at the club in. Thank you ‘Athleisure’!

The crux of the matter is that while I never cared much for brands and labels, it’s a different story now. When your style medium is a boxy old T, logos suddenly become the only thing that set you apart from an actual slob. And why brand logos?

There’s some irony behind elastic waistband jersey pants I clearly do nothing but lounge around in when they’re from an active sports brand such as Nike. But similarly ironic when your carelessly worn washed out T is by Calvin Klein. Brand logos are perfectly conspicuous, but then also era-referencing, and just about everybody gets it. The more classic, the better.

Which is why this spread from High Cut, a South Korean lifestyle and fashion weekly, is particularly appealing. Featuring first of all a highly recognizable brand with retro character as well as a bunch of its most iconic items – adidas Originals Superstars! jersey jacket! three striped training trousers! – it captures the current spirit of ‘Athleisure’ beautifully. And what I envision on myself for the coming spring: Trenchcoat on top of the slob? Yes, please!

What will you be wearing this spring and summer? And is there anything more comfortable than a wide, sloppy T when the temperatures are high?

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