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Korean Beauty Bible

Not long ago, I determined to find the South Korean secret to clear skin. So luminous, so flawless – there is something they’re doing right.

For one, I guess it’s the fact that skin care in South Korea is not just something to be over and done with quickly. Rather, clear flawless skin can well be considered a status symbol, and its maintenance therefore is an essential part of daily self care. The success of Korean skin care eventually spawned an entire industry with dermatologists, estheticians and cosmeticians around every corner, and beauty products of such high standard that even those in the lowest price brackets outperform most of what’s on offer anywhere else. So clearly, if anyone wants to learn about achieving clear, blemish-free skin, then South Korea is it!

I started digging around for Korean skin care resources to dive deeper into the matter. Get it BeautyBeauty+ or Beauty Talk, for example, are great for tips, tricks and infos on new Asian skin care products. But for a primer, they are already a little advanced. (They’re in Korean, for one.)

Here’s where After School’s Beauty Bible comes in the most helpful, a TV shoes originally broadcast on KBS, but now also available on the KBS World Youtube-Channel complete with English subs!

To sum up what the show is all about, think reality TV with members of the Korean idol girl group After School going around and solving skin care troubles, unearthing the South Korean skin care secrets to a blemish-free complexion, and giving a really good, comprehensible look into effective skin care. While Beauty Bible this year has been cast with new idols and a model, the episodes with After School are still the best in my opinion, if only for such gems such as The basics of beauty.

In that episode, they emphasize “pore care” as essential to good skin, and “pore care” simply means maintaining clear pores for a more even complexion per proper cleansing, exfoliation, as well as the right skin care.

Then in another episode I really liked, called Editors’ Solutions for Summer Concerns, they address beauty issues in hot weather and show you how to DIY your own whitening mask made from rice paper!

But here finally comes the interesting part: In It’s the golden age of K-beauty, the group makes it their mission to uncover the secrets to that clear, flawless skin Korean women are so admired for. The short answer? Lots of effort and very clever, very barely-there looking make up!

Each episode has at least a few eye-opening lessons in store, so if you find the time, it’s definitely a must-watch.


  1. Afaky says

    Is cleanser, toner, and emusion enough since I’m still a young teenager and don’t want to layer my skin much


    • Hi Afaky,
      Absolutely! As long as each product really suits your skin type optimally, the less, the better. Extend your routine only as you personally deem necessary.


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