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Beauty to go: two weeks’ worth of skin, body and hair care

travel skin care

I start this blog right off by leaving. For two weeks in Vietnam and Taiwan.

I take off well-prepared with a multitude of travel-sized bottles and containers that hold all the ingredients to my multi-step skin care routine and hair care regimen. Thermal spring water spray? Check. Glycolic acid peeling ? Check. Micellar cleanser, cleansing balm, deep cleansing foam and cleansing brush? Check.

Seems much?


I’ve been researching and applying South Korean skin care wisdom plenty lately, and with the help of it, I’m determined to finally crack the code to clear skin.

I used to be very skeptical about an all too extensive skin care regimen, and prefer few steps over many. But seeing women in South Korea flaunting luminous clear skin while I myself still battled spots at the ripe age of *gasp* almost 30, I was willing to give the East Asian way a shot. Which is: focus predominantly on skin care and make up becomes an afterthought.

Watch this space to read about how I use all these products, and learn how with a very simple skin care hack you can really boost results.

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